Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Does Aerosmith sounds familiar to you? Well I don't think that you know them, but maybe you've heard a song by them, without really knowing who they are. Probably the movie "Armageddon" and its soundtrack song called 'I Dont't Want To Miss A Thing' would be known by you, and if this song and this movie are some things that you can hardly recognize, I really recommend you to watch the movie, and to listen to that song. They're real good.

In the article called Aerosmith, "A look at the boys from Boston," by Patty Williams; or maybe it would be better to say that is the biography of Aerosmith, and it tells the history of this classic rock band.
The band was formed in 1970 in Boston, MA. Its members are Steven Tyler in the vocals, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford in the guitars, Tom Hamilton in the bass guitar and keyboard, and Joey Kramer in the drums and percussion. These makes five members of the band.

In 1972 the band signed a contract with Columbia Records, and its debut album was titled "Dream On," and it was a real hit. Even though a lot of Aerosmith's albums were a bomb, it wasn't until 1975 when Aerosmith started receiving commercial and artistic acclaims. Most of their songs and albums were a success and they were also in the Top 10. Every step in music that the band took was getting better and better through all the decade. It wasn't until 1982 when the two guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had to be replaced because of their big drug and alcohol addictions.

These problems with drugs pushed Aerosmith down for several years, until 1984 when the Perry and Whitford rejoined for a new beginning; with the well-received Back in the Saddle tour. Their new albums were not as good as their firsts, but their success in 1987 elevated them to a super-stardom. From there on they kept on having a lot of good luck with their music, they would keep on having the top position in the radio through the late 80's and 90's. One of their best songs which was in the top position for weeks was the soundtrack of the movie Armageddon, it's the one I already mentioned earlier in the synopsis which is called "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing."

The author of the article says that Aerosmith is one of the few bands of classic rock that has been remaining succesful for more than thirty years. She says that Aerosmith continues entertaining the old and new generations. I think that she's right, because I personally like Aerosmith, a lot. I agree that Aerosmith is one of the best, I know that they sound commercial, but they have good rhythm and good lyrics like some other pretty good bands, just like 'Pink Floyd' and 'Metallica,' and for me they're also considered a good band.

Rhetorical devices are being used in this biography, alliteration is used in the words contract and Columbia, heavy-handed, string and succesful, and super-stardom. The author made a comparison between the days when they were good and the days when Aerosmith was the bomb, by saying that there was a time when they were doing a mediocre success. The author's allusion to the Columbia Records Company is to make emphasis to the important role this company played for Aerosmith's success.