Friday, February 18, 2005

Dark Side

What does David Gilmour have to say about his work experience with Pink Floyd. This synopsis is taken from the Rolling Stone magazine, the title of the article is "'Dark Side' at 30: David Gilmour. The Guitarist bares Pink Floyd's Soul Roots" by John Harris, and published on March 12, 2003. The reason of why this article was written was because the author wanted to know the experiences of Gilmour when he was in Pink Floyd. At the same time the author made and published this interview because he also wanted to entertained all Pink Floyd's fans.

We all know that David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1968, to replace Syd Barret. Dave and Roger were the main vocals and also the main gitarists. They had a lot of big differences, personal problems and legal problems. Another thing that we know too, is that these two mucisians haven't spoke to eachother since the band's split.

In this interview, John Harris asked Gilmour how he felt about the Dark Side of the Moon concept was born. He said that it was all Roger's idea. Dave thinks that it was a very good job they all did to cooperate with Roger. He also thinks that everyone has their periods where sometimes one is unable to do things the way it's suppose to be. He thinks that he wasn't very creative when they were doing the Dark Side of the Moon album.

In this interview, the author couldn't resist to ask him what was his creative relation with Roger. He said that even though Roger had a fantastic drive, a good brain for lyrics and a very creative force; he considers himself like having a much better sense of musicality than Waters, and he "could certainly sing in tune much better." Gilmour says that unfortunately their good relationship felt apart after "The Wall" was made.

They talked about the female vocals on " The Great Gig in the Sky." The reason for the vocals was that they wanted to have a girl screaming orgasmically. As for me, if I wouldn't have read this article and the reason why they have this girl screaming, I wouldn't notice that she was having orgasms. Only when you pay a lot of attention to it, you can notice that.

The rest of the interview says how he felt about the album's great success. Dave said that he expected that the album was going to be good, but not that much as it became. Because of the album's brilliant cover and the really good music inside it, that album is still on top of many more that are new. It's how Dave says, "it has been sitting there ever since." And will continue to be.


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