Friday, February 11, 2005

The Drown Baby

Why is that Douglas Wolk, author of the article from the, called "THE DROWN BOY," thinks that band Nirvana's old reputation is balanced only on one song. "Lucky Messy Boys from Seattle Peel Down their Christmas Stocking and Show Their Context," this is the sub title of the article which was posted in December 3rd, 2004.

The band Nirvana exists since the 1980's, and since then they just have one good compact disc, or would it be better to say only one song? That's what Douglas Wolk thinks, and says in his article. Nirvana has being doing the same all, same all for their music. In this article, the author presents his comments about Nirvana's music. He says that there's always this one song called "Polly," that they have to put "by law" on every of Nirvana's records. At least if you like that song it will be easy for you to find it in every of Nirvana's albums.

Wolk says that the jolt of Nirvana's formative years is their "ordinariness" and that we could easily mistake a heavy Pacific Northwest band for a lesser Nirvanabe. At the last paragraph the author of the Drown Boy Article, tells that Nirvana made their complicated work sound so simple that many poeple still pick up guitars to try to do the same thing. This is one good thing for this simple band.

In my own point of view, I think that Douglas Wolk is trying to express his thinking about Nirvana's work in this article, by telling the readers that Nirvana's work is not so good to have their three-CD-plus-DVD set on sale, and is even worse that he's using other people's opinion his own. This article reminds me of the hundreds of reportes who make articles just like this one to say bad things about the artists. I certainly believe also that Nirvana is not so good, but if they have all those fans out there is because they are original, and because they have not only one good song, but they're two...


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i still need a direct link to your articles. you got this from the village voice? what is your interest? what type of periodical is the village voice?

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