Thursday, February 17, 2005

One and One and One is Three

Thursday, February 17, 2005.

IT'S A MIRACLE... PAUL McCARTNEY IS ALIVE!!!! This is the topic of the article about Paul McCartney, a guy who used to play with the Beatles. The name of the article is "One and One and One Is Three." The subtitle is "McCartney 'Alive and Well'." Written by an unknown author. The main purpose of this article is to let people know that McCartney is more than alive, but he also is very well. There was this rumor about Paul, that he was dead since 1966, but it was just a lie.

Some people started to play the Revolution No. 9 backward, and they notice a voice saying some things that were kind of weird. So all these called for some investigation on the case. By searching into earlier and later Beatles to find an answer to this things, they found some evidence that he was alive. On Sgt. Pepper it was noted that there is a hand over Paul's head on the cover, and on the back cover his back is turned. The guitar on the grave on the cover is left-handed, just like Paul's.

On Magical Mystery Tour, There's another hand over Paul's head. on Abbey Road, Paul is out of step with the other three on the cover. But who knows. LaBour of the Michigan Daily has turned out the most baroque explication of Paul's suppose death, having Paul died in a car crash. But he was not the only one who would talked about McCartney's dead. The Northern Star student paper at Illinois University carried an article headlined "Clues Hint at Possible Beattle Death," on September 23, of 1966. Too much for poor McCartney.

But the only truth is that there is a lie. People like E. Alvin Davis would do anything to spread this rumor around the world, he says that he doesn't even believe it, but it was some great, good, bad news to entertain people. So that's why some reporters were saying that Paul was dead, because they wanted to have more people talking about it.

As for Paul McCartney himself, who was house-hunting with his wife Linda in London, said that he is alive and well, and that if he was dead he would be the last to know. Duh!!! To come to New York for Thanksgiving, Paul got an entry visa to the United States. I thought that U.S. State Department officials would not give these kinds of permits to dead people, why would that happened? Oh, I know why, because Paul is alive.

The author of this article uses the words "swept the Midwest", "Linda in London," as the only alliterations used. Another rhetorical device was the allusion he made to the U.S State Department officials. The last rhetorical device, the analogy was the comparison he made between the Beatles and an anthropomorphic God, an undertaker, a resurrected and a grave digger.

In my opinion I think that sometimes is okay to talk about the artists, in order to maintain the audience informed and entertained, but I also think is not okay to say that someone died, just to have more people listening to their shows and programs. If they want us to follow their programs, they should at least tell the truth, don't you think?