Friday, February 25, 2005

Revolutionaries on the Move
Revolutionaries on the Move, by Jean Noël Coghe (in Rock & Folk, issue of May 1968)

If you want to know what anticommercial is, you have to listen to Pink Floyd's music and, or, read the article called Revolutionaries on the Move by Jean Noel Coghe, which was published in May 1968 for the first time; and translated by Jean Gregoire Royer for the Laughing Madcaps, January 2001. In this article the author wants to make emphasis to the great music of Pink Floyd. That's why she calls the band "revolutionaries on the move." The entire article is about how Pink Floyd has become the best, not only for the author, but to many people from different parts of the world.

The Pink Floyd is a five-men band, all of them come from London. Syd Barret (solo guitar and lead vocals), Roger Wright (organ), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters and David Gilmour (gitars and vocals) and they would also be the ones writing the songs, same as Syd Barret. The themes Pink Floyd has been playing are mainly from Syd, and some others from Waters, but the author says that of Syd's style is definately unique. Syd uses all kinds of objects to get a different and good effect to their songs; which have made their music a perfect one.

Pink Floyd was born in 1963, but they were known until 1966. This group met at the London's Polytechnic School of Architecture. Syd Barret was the only one attending to the London's Art School. They were all about 22 years old. After they studied architecture for four years, except for Syd, who studied art; they all decided to devote their lives to music, and they really made it.

As the author says, Pink Floyd's music is solid stuff. They would never do things such as easy gimmicks, cheap gap filling or ill-devised experiments. They made good experiments with their songs, and they even improvised sometimes, but all would sound gorgeous. There is a recommended album of Pink Floyd, this is called "Piper at the Gates of Dawn." This album offers a wonderfully orchestrated series of sounds, voices, and whispers. It is considered a real musical fresco.

But Pink Floyd is not any band, even though their music is a real pleasure to listen to, they wanted to do something different. They were the first group who would take advantage of the addition of light to sound. By adapting all kinds of different colors to their "weird" and "unique" music. They also used pre-recorded loops and many more sound effects to help them make their shows as perfect as their recordings.

In 1966, the Pink Floyd gave a lot of concerts, these concerts allowed them to be known all around England and some other countries. They were also chosen as the best representatives of the UFO club. There is a paragraph in this article which grabbed my attention, and is something like this: "Of couse it takes some perseverance to listen through the 10-minute-long Interstellar Overdrive, the number which depicts the journey of a space vehicle from the traffic jams of earth's suburbs to the infinite and unspeakable fullness of emptiness." I guess the author really got into Pink Floyd's music.

I guess the author wrote about this article about Pink Floyd because she wanted to recognize how good their work is, and show people how would they enjoy their music and get into their music once they listen to it. She says that Pink's music is a trend and dangerous for pop music, and I agree with her. I also think that Pink Floyd is the best of the best, in all kinds of ways. There is not a single song from Pink Floyd that would get me bored or tired of listening to, I really love that band; and you too should take the time to listen to them and judge their music for yourself. You have to know what I'm talking about when I say they're "the best." And if you still don't like them, you must learn a little bit more about what's real music.