Saturday, February 12, 2005

Total Drumming

Mick Fleetwood is considered the top drummer of the world, is that true? In the interview-article called Mick Fleetwood: Total Drummer, Totally on Top of the World, written by special correspondent Shaw Perry; posted originally at; ot says that Fleetwood is the top drummer. This interview is based on Fleetwwod's achievements in music. Fleetwood's journey started on the 60's, and it is still moving on. As the author stated, Fleetwood is an explorer of different world music rythms, and he is above the crowd.

Now in the 21st century, Fleetwood comes with a new revolutionary offer called Total Drumming. This Total Drumming involves a series of drum loops created by himself, and by the cooperation of Sonic Foundry. This new album boasts over 800 drumm patterns. No wonder he is called the Top Drummer. In his own words he says that he always wanted to learn new loops, which he found very interesting. He did not only play his music, but he also used old blues and some other music he found himself listening to. What a guy!!!

The author of Total Drummer uses all of Fleetwood responses to support his article. He lets the readers know how did Fleetwood start with his goal of producing the Total Drumming album. Fleetwood was able to play for 16 or 17 hours for two solid days. The end result was a comprehensive library of blues, funk and rock grooves, one-shots and an assortment of percussive sound bytes. Sounds nice, doesn't?

In the article, Fleetwood proudly exclaims that he did not use any short cut for all the work he did. He thinks that even that technology can be of great help to people who are "lazy" or to people who might get frustrated trying to learn something creative and difficult; but for him is different, because he really puts effort to all his work. He says that "nothing means anything unless you've suffered." I agree with him, how about you?

I think that Shaw Perry likes the way Fleetwood works, because he said good things about him, not as same as Douglas Wolk, a reporter who was saying bad things about the band called Nirvana. Perry also admires Fleetwood because even though Fleetwood is in his 50's, his life seems to be on a role. It really does. Good for Perry and Fleetwood!


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