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The Guardian

The Guardian: Friday, July 22 1988

No way! There is a fight between Roger Waters, the former bass player from Pink Floyd, and the rest of the Floyd. This synopsis that you are about to read was taken from the article called "The Guardian: Friday, July 22 1988." The article was written by Robin Denselow, who rided the tour bus throughout Europe, with the Pink Floyd band. He says that it was really fun to ride with such a good band, which have been the key element of the largest production ever taken on the road, that have been selling discs as if they were fresh bread, the rock shows that have had more out-solds than any other. This is what Pink Floyd is all about; only good music and good shows.

Too bad that not everything can be perfect; and for Pink Floyd there are no exceptions. The Floyd has been having some difficulties with one of their band members. His name is Waters, Roger Waters. This extraordinary musician, who played a very nice job in the years when they had been leading up their last live shows in the 1980's, with their Wall Tour. Gilmour, another member of the band, the main singer, song-writer and guitarist; says that someone, referring to Waters; had to mess everything up, by splitting from the band.

Waters didn't want to continue in the band, nor with the tours, so he decided to leave the group. He thought that by doing this, the band would do the same and that everyone would do their own thing. But he was wrong because Gilmour and Mason, this dynamic duo continued to use the Pink Floyd name. They even recorded a new LP, which was a bomb. It is called a Momentary Lapse of Reason, and it sold six million copies. Poor Waters, trying to stop them, he also would've gain a lot.

While Robin Denselow was accompaining the duo during this tour, he discovered how well performed were these concerts, and in the Guardian article he lets the audience know his experience with the band. In his own words he says that this tour is even better than "The Wall Tour." The stages that they have been using are enormous, especially the one that they'd built at Modena. Denselow describes this experience like "being given a ring-side seat for the apocalypse." Because all the 'amusing and awesome' light and sound effects they had.

He compares the light effects to the movie Star Wars. Also a giant radio-controlled pig floated above the audience. Which was very exciting for all the fans. The Pink Floyd also had the best quadraphonic sound system that Robin had ever heard. The sound rumbled and blasted from all different parts of the stadium. He says that not only the effects made the Floyd show a success, they also played remarkably well.

But the Floyd were not the only ones making their music and having their shows. Roger Waters had his smaller-scale solo in 1987. The day of his concert there were some people who wore T-shirts with the slogan "Which one is Pink?" I think that those kinds of things made Waters more angrier than ever with his former colleagues.

The main reason why the band splitted was because of money. They were having problems with the productivity issue. None of them wanted to lose their production fee; and who would? Gilmour says that they were afraid that Waters would want to keep the Pink Floyd name for himself, it was the only reason why he was always suggesting the split. The duo was sad because of the very hard feelings between both sides. It was unpleasant for everyone.

The Floyd compares the separation with Syd and this last split between them and Waters. They say that this last separation has being more difficult and painful than the one from Syd. I would say that they're right because they didn't get into any kind of fight with Syd, the kind of fight they're having with Roger. Even with all these things that have happened to them they were still working on their good music until they retired from the band. But they considered themselves as "elderly rock legends." I know for sure they are, and will be forever.


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