Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Time Scapes

What happened to the greatest Pink Floyd band, that once lived doing the best music of all? The answer can be found in the article called "Time Scapes" written by Mike Watson during the 90's. This article is basically about how "ironically" as Watson puts it, Pink Floyd has been misundestood of what their music is all about. It also talks about all the albums of Pink Floyd, how did the band record them, how they sound like and how good they were. He compares the Pink Floyd's music as being the most pure and concentrated thing of a substance. Their music and sound are the most perfect embodiment of something. And he uses words as "quintessential" and "psychedelic" to qualify the Floyd. But as the title says, time scapes and can never come back; and the way Pink Floyd use to play and create those fascinating lyrics when they used to be together, that time will never come back again. Too band for all their fans, and maybe for themselves too.

He also says that Pink Floyd have put their peers into shame because of their innovative music ideas. That when you listen to their recordings you have a cosmic feel that is usually provoked by their good music. The author liked how the music of Pink Floyd was created by its leader Syd Barret, who was a very charismatic guy. Unfortunately, he did not have any more future with the band because of his addiction to drugs. This problem leaded the group into a desintegration between them, that later on, besides having destroyed Barret's life with Pink Floyd, it also destroyed the lives of the rest of the Floyd.

David Gilmour was the guy who replaced Syd when he left. Gilmour was an old friend of Syd, and who would be better to become the new man in the band replacing Syd than his own friend. But becuase Gilmour had a lot to offer to the band, with his melodic voice, his great way to play the guitar and the good of his lyrics, he became the "Floyd trademark." For me, David Gilmour is one of the best guitarist of all times, no, he's the best of all, and if you don't believe me, just listen to his music, which is the Pink Floyd's music, and pay attention to his solos. A simple Gilmour guitar solo, is "mournfully, breathtakingly beautiful."

After Barret left the band, Pink had to start all over from the beginning to try to accomplish their goals and going forward without him. Their first albums were all instrumentals, which made the songs sound melancholic. The Floyd at their peak as a live band were daring, experimental and wonderfully inspired. But that wasn't all they could do. On their album called "Echoes" which for me is very good, they brought the best of them, by expanding and richly integarting a tapestry of rock improvisation melodic themes and surreal passages of abstract sounds.

The author makes an allusion to a Rolling Stone critic who talked of his feelings about Pink Floyd's music and their special sense of "line and continuity and ritualistic repetition" on their lyrics. Ehich more of they are really good. Some of the best songs of Pink Floyd are 'Shine on you crazy diamond,' 'Whish you were here,' and 'Dark side of the moon,' but of course there are many more. That if I had to name them I would never finish.

Watson says in this article that because all the problems they had with Barret gone, Wright being useless in the studio because of his excessive use of cocaine and his lost marriage, and besides that, Roger officialy out of the band; the rest of the Floyd started loosing their meaning. Their melodies weren't the same, something was missing. It's how he says on his last paragraph, "That version of Pink Floyd is, alas, gone forever. Why? Money, it's a gas". It sure is, if you don't believe me, listen to that song.


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