Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Wall Goes Up at the Nassau Coliseum
"A Wall Goes Up at the Nassau Coliseum" Uniondale, New York - February 25th & 26th, 1980 by Elliot Tayman, from Brain Damage Magazine

What is like to attend to a real concert? This article was taken from the Brain Damage Magazine, and it's the story of Elliot Tayman and his experience at a Pink Floyd's concert. This concert was at New York's Nassau Coliseum, in February 25th, 1980. He says that to get to this concert he and his friend had to pass some difficulties. One of those dificulties was that they had to buy the two tickets for the concert, and they had to wait in line since night, which he says was a very cold one, like it usually is during winter time in New York. Until morning, when they got their tickets. Also they had to rush for the Tickettron, because there was a lot of people who were desperated to attent to those Pink Floyd's concerts; and who wouldn't.

The day of the concert they had to be one hour prior to the showtime. They wouldn't forgive themselves if they would have missed that show, a show that was fascinating and memorable for all Pink Floyd's fans. Especially because that U.S Tour would only take place in two cities, these two cities were New York and Los Angeles. Of course the tickets were scarce because there were people all around the Country who wanted to attend to the Wall Concerts.

He says that the day of the concert there was a lot of people asking everyone for extra tickets to sell, so they could enter to the show. For the first time the metro area of New York and New Jersey was blocked out of the sale to allow fans from Virginia to Maine to get a "chance" to ge a ticket. I could bet that some people bought extra tickets so they could sell them for a higher price, and some others would buy them because they knew that it was going to be a really good concert.

When they entered to the Coliseum, they were open-mouthed because of the gigantic stage the Pink had placed in the middle of the two partially built sections of a wall. Elliot says that the wall was all across the entire Coliseum. It was very good for Elliot and his friend Bob to be in the fifth row, because they got to sit right in front of David Gilmour. God, how I wish I would have been there too!

They were excited by all the things they saw at the show. For example when the band was playing "Another Brick In the Wall Part 2" which is a song that talks about how the teachers are bad to their students. Well, during this song they would have a gigantic inflatable of a school teacher dangling in front of the wall. Isn't that cool?, Well for me it is. The band also gave all kinds of pyrotechnics and film footage, which made the concert more excited. Even though I wasn't there I could tell that this concert must have been the best concert of all times.

Elliot says that while the concert was going on, the roadies were building the wall, putting brick by brick, and having the group hidden behind it. Every song that was played had different setting, so the audience was more than entertained by that extraordinary show. The last thing that happened during the show was that they sang this song were at the end of it the people would chant 'tear down the wall,' then the wall fell! The final comment that the author says makes me feel jealous, "I'm glad I was 'one of the few' fortunate fans to have witnessed two of these historic concerts". He also added that the last week of February 1980, will live in his mind forever.

Men, if I was one of the few to attent to those concerts I would've been happy all my entire life. I mean, Pink Floyd is the "best" classic rock band ever, and I don't think there will be any other band someday that would get to accomplish the same things or have that kind of good music as they have. To bad they're not together anymore. But they're still remembered by all their paranoid fans.