Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When and why did Waters leave Pink Floyd?


Why is it that for people, money is the most important thing in their lives? We all know that money it is very important, but there are some other things more important than that, one of them is friendship. Friendship is a very valuable thing that we have to take care of it, and try not to destroy it. The following synopsis has been taken from an article called: "When and why did Waters leave Pink Floyd," which was mainly from Schnaffner's "Saucerful of Secrets" book, with additional pieces and support from other books, interviews, and articles. The evidence was taken over the years.

It seems that the author wants to let us know what really happened between Roger Waters and the Pink Floyd. Also the whys and the whens of their separation. Even though he doesn't really mentioned some of the issues, because he ignores them. I think he should have investigated more, before making an article about it. Over all I think that it's a good article.

During 1983 David Gilmour and Roger Waters, both of them from the Pink Floyd band were having a lot of differences, those differences made impossible for them to even try to record a new LP together, they did not even want to continue their careers together with the band. Those differences grew stronger because they forgot about their friendship, that friendship had been with them for many years, and they couldn't even save it.

In 1984 both of them started their solo albums. Gilmour with his "About Face" album, and Waters with his "Might Have Been Floyd" album. Both albums got into the Top 30 Billboard charts. Gilmour and Waters went on to world tours, each on their own, without the rest of the Floyd. They wanted to see if they could go ahead without the band's help. Gilmour had future plans to get back and continue with Pink, but he wouldn't include Waters in those plans. The only three members of the band were David, Nick, and Roger, but Roger was the least possible to get back with the other two.

1985 was the year when the most problems began, with the definite separation of the band. Because Pink Floyd wasn't officially disbanded; their manager, Steve O'Rourke, wanted them to make another Pink Floyd album. Steve was pressuring Waters to do it, so Roger had to talk to his old friends, and he tried to convince them to terminate their last deal with Steve. And guess what did Roger offered them in return? The rights to the Pink Floyd name, so they could continue alone, only David and Nick, with the band's name. Too bad that he later regreted of having done that.

So in December, Roger wrote letters to the record companies, announcing his departure from the band. That same year, Nick and Dave said that they both alone, without Roger, wanted to revive the Pink Floyd band; which had always been alive, but it wasn't very much attended by them.

In the following year, while the Pink Floyd was working in a new album, and they still managed by Steve; he happened to be the one who sued Waters for holding commissions. This problems leaded to more bad feelings from Waters towards the rest of the Floyd.

The year 1986 was when the band, which only includes Gilmour, Mason, Wright Bob Ezrin, and some other new musicians (Waters is not with them of course), then decided to work in a new Pink Floyd album, now it would be for good. Because they weren't yet disbanished, Roger went to court to ask for a ruling that would made an unanimous consent of all members of the band necessary for every decision regarding to the Floyd. This would include Roger too. But the court did nothing on that issue, not even Water's lawyers did something to help him.

At the last paragraph of the article the author says how he is so confused about all these issues regarding to the legal problems of Pink Floyd and their separation. The author also gives us opportunity to create our own judgement on the question of whether reviving the Pink Floyd was good or not. He also gave a different site in which we can find more information on more Pink Floyd's issues.


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