Monday, April 11, 2005

Floyd's 'Pulse' is weak

Why is it that some people think that Pink Floyd's albums are not strong anymore as they used to be? Or at least that is what Tirzah Agassi thinks and what he published on his article called "Floyd's 'Pulse' is weak." This is a Jerusalem Post from 06-13-1995. In this article, Agassi wants to tell the audience why he thinks that this album from Pink Floyd titled 'Pulse' is not good enough for him.

The author says that the cover of the album it's really pretty. He even described it to his audience. Supposedly it shows a dilated blue iris with a globe about to role into or out of it's pupil, -he doesn't even know if it's into or out of. He also described a sea, some sand, clouds and angels. Oh, and a band of swishing-tailed sperm emerging from sea-spary. This is the fascinating about the album. Only it's cover.

For Agassi, the bad thing about the album, is that the music inside the package is less 'fascinating' than it's cover. Well, that's almost nothing. But he still, encourages everyone who likes Pink Floyd's music, to listen to Pulse. Although he didn't like this album, he recognizes the Pink Floyd is a super group. Good for him.

Agassi thinks that probably Pink Floyd blowed all up because they needed Waters' help in order to make things better. Maybe he sees that, because he liked Pink Floyd better when Waters was with them. I don't really see why he didn't like Pulse. I think this recopilation of good songs is what all the fans really wanted to have. All our favorite songs in one single album. For me it is good.

The writer says that Pink Floyd's fluidity makes them sound creakily dated. The sound is always mixed up with a strange satellite beeps and bleeps. He also says that this new disc is an example of a powerful new musical form, between raw rowdiness and sophisticated poetry, which is compared to the same kind of music Jim Morrison, from The Doors band, used to make.

At the last paragraph he makes a reminder that sometimes the best and the brightest are actually dumb when it comes to self-preservation, a fact that makes Pink Floyd's staying power look pretty good. This is what this author thinks about Pink Floyd and their 'Pulse' album. Now is up to us if we want to believe in him, or if we want to judge for ourselves.


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