Thursday, April 28, 2005

Syd Barrett

How does Syd Barrett comes up with such strange questions? "What color is sound" is this a real question? Well, for Syd it really is or was. In the article called "Syd Barrett" by B. Hogg and published in January 1993; the author writes about how Syd has always been concerned about such philosophical nature of colors and sounds. Because Syd was an artist, besides being an extraordinary composer, he was also a great painter. Although he has been apart from Pink Floyd long ago, he has been the subject of fervent debate since before living the band.

The author starts out his article by saying how the Pink Floyd begun. Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett was born in Cambridge on January 6 1946. He attended the city High Scholl, where he met Roger Waters and David Guilmour. They said that Barrett had obsessions for music, painting and religion, but suddenly he stopped. He started to shut himself off slowly. That's what drugs can do to you. Too bad Syd couldn't resist it. We would've had a lot of him still.

While he was attending London's Camberwell School of art, Waters was studying architecture at regent Street Polytechnic, where he formed a band with Nick Mason and Rick Wright. Then, Waters invited Syd to join them. By 1965 they reconvened as The Pink Floyd Sound, a name Syd had coined from an album by Georgia blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. And within weeks they started recording in a tiny studio sited in the basement of a house, for a company called Thompsan Private Record Company.

Pink Floyd made their great debut on October 15 1966, at a party at the Roundhouse. They had a lot of power in their songs because they were very original. Syd was the one who had the most inspiration. His influences were the Stones, Beatles, Byrds and Love. The song that confirmed them as national attraction was Arnold Layne, which was from Syd, of course. The author states in the rest of the article, the dates of all their releases and the best albums and songs that made Pink Floyd to be in the Top lists.

Hogg says that Syd started with his drug problems and stopped composing songs. Syd begun to slip into the life or recluse, he declered himself "Totally together."Syd failed the rest of them on many concerts, and many show had to be canceled. But as the autor says, Barrett nonetheless remained the subject of interest and speculation about his future activities. The Pink Floyd track "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" was an unequivocal tribute, from the Floyd to Syd. "And Syd may never record again, and while it's now difficult to divorce the fragile images from the creator's personal traumas, there was a time when many enclosed songs were viewed simply as beguiling. Approach them now in a similar spirit."


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