Monday, May 16, 2005

Syd Barrett Song Unearthed

Syd Barrett against Bob Dylan? The new discovered Syd Barrett's song called "Bob Dylan's Blues" where Syd lampoons Dylan; was written in 1968, when Syd left his band, but it has been uncovered in the 1990's. Why did the members of the Pink Floyd waited so long to release this song? Mark Paytress, was the author of the article called "'Syd Barrett Song Unearthed' with subtitle 'Former Pink Floyd Mastermind Lampoons Dylan in 1970 track', published for the RollingStone Magazine in February 14, 2001. He writes in his article about the errant star of British psychedelia, Syd Barrett; and about his Bob Dylan's Blues song.

In this song, Barrett uses a light good humored satire to refer to Dylan's imprecision towards music, and also about his activism. Syd also plays up the singer's infamous nonchalance. This song is a musical piece where Syd also imitates Dylan's previous work, with a satirical intent. As everyone already knows that Barrett is a legend, and this legend has been maintained by the Pink Floyd themselves, especially by Roger Waters, whose "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and The Wall were both inspired by his ex-colleague's mental health problem. Now with the help of Gilmour providing the fillip to this song.

Mark Paytress writes about how David Gilmour helped Barrett to produce his two solo albums, "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett," both albums were clearly the work of a wildly distracted man, who simply dissapeared from view. But this new musical piece is unlike anyother of Barrett's compositions. The name of this song has a very prosaic title, from a man better known for his songs about gnomes, octopuses and effervescing elephants. "Bob Dylan's Blues" has been culled from Gilmour's private collection and is being released, as the author says, with the blessing of Barrett's family.

That newly unearthed Syd Barret song was going to be included on a new compilation called "Wouldn't You Miss Me" for EMI Records, which was released in the UK on April 16, 2001. Tim Cracksfield, project co-ordinator of the album, said that everyone knew of the song existence since 1993, when they were making the "Crazy Diamond" box set, but they decided not to included in it, because they had plenty of other material, and they didn't have any pressure to find it.

David Gilmour was the one who took the master tape of the song with him after February 27, 1970 demo session had been completed, but no one knows for sure why he did that. I think maybe he knew that the record company would approach him to request the song, as it happened, EMI Records requested Gilmour a permission to use the song. He wanted to get some money out of it! Besides, Gilmour has always rated the song highly, and for Cracksfield: "The fact that Dave was happy to let it out says a lot."

In the last paragraph of the article, the author writes his conclusion, he says that though Syd later adopted Dylan's unkempt curly-top hairstyle. For the author, that was the first aural evidence of Syd Barrett's early enthusiasm for Dylan and provided an amusing aside to his more brain-teasing material; and I agree with the author too. But since 1974 Syd has been apart from the studios, now he lives alone in Cambridge, suffers from diabetes and is tended to by his sister.


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